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CPVC Pipe Fittings Manufacturers

What is CPVC Pipe and fittings?
Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic pipe and fitting material made with CPVC coating meeting the requirement of ASTM Class 23447 as characterized in ASTM Specification D1784. CPVC applications are for consumable water dissemination, destructive liquid caretaking of in industry, and fire concealment frameworks.

CPVC Pipe and fittings:
CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a solid, tough material that has been effectively utilized in plumbing applications.

CPVC’s innate or include substance opposition, dependability, and capacity to confront high heat temperature makes it an ideal material for private or residential area, business, and surprisingly mechanical channeling and fire sprinkler frameworks.

These Pipes and Fitting are expected for use in private and business, hot and cool, consumable water conveyance frameworks.

The CPVC fittings are produced from compound material that meets the entire prerequisite according to ASTM standard. CPVC lines of Copper Tube Size (CTS) measurements can likewise be applied to CPVC (IPS) measurements by utilizing IPS x CTS fitting. The CPVC pipes from 15 mm (1/2”) to 50 mm (2”) are additionally created according to IS 15778 norm in the two classes that is Class 1 (SDR 11) and Class 2 (SDR 13.5).

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